Read the article 'A World Through Hue' in the latest issue of THE MUSHROOM.

Article spread from ‘A World Through Hue’ featured in THE MUSHROOM.

Article spread from ‘A World Through Hue’ featured in THE MUSHROOM.

Grateful to the editors of THE MUSHROOM for introducing people to the incredible beauty to be found in mushroom dyes and pigments that are showcased in the Mushroom Color Atlas. Cover illustration by Sharlene Durfey.Mushroom CoverTHE MUSHROOM is a biannual print and digital magazine for everyone-artists to herbalists, ecologists to engineers-interested in or inspired by fungi. Check out this beautifully designed, informative and inspiring publication from the UK.
The Mushroom Second SpreadIssue No. 4 features – A serendipitous story of white button mushrooms’ benefit in a case of gluten intolerance – Professor Lynne Boddy on the beauty of decay - Julie Beeler on the beauty of mushroom dyes – William Padilla-Brown shares his experience of and passion for the transformative power of mushrooms - Zhang Yi shares the back-story to Tremella fuciformis cultivation – Morgan Owen on the proliferation of mushrooms in a post-industrial landscape - Joseph Pallante on the phenomenon of luminous mushrooms – Pascal Baudar with a recipe for lacto-fermented mushroom scallops - and our regular Research Round-Up.The Mushroom Thhird Spread

Beech mushrooms. Ted Cavanaugh for Popular Science

How to Use the Power of Mushrooms to Improve Your Life

Enter the worlds of mushroom dyeing, mycotecture, and more by Julia Craven.

Seasonal mushroom color palette for the month of May.

Online Mushroom Pigment Demonstration

I gave an online demonstration with mushroom pigments, paints and inks with Art Tool Kit.

Fungi Symbiosis, 2021. Mushroom dyed wool and embroidery thread (49" x 49")

Wild Pigment Project Exhibition

My work is showcased in this group exhibition at Form & Concept Gallery in Santa Fe, NM.