35 Brilliant Science Websites

Mushroom Color Atlas is listed as a great resource for online Science websites.

Ali who created Abakcus feels one of the most enjoyable activities is learning. He said "Someone who has found true enjoyment in learning will spend any free time they have either learning something new or studying something they already know."

He compiled this list on Medium of 35 Brilliant Science Websites and Tools for Lifelong Learners and the Mushroom Color Atlas Made the list.  Ali said "The Mushroom Color Atlas is a brilliant project for anyone interested in mushrooms and colors. When making this project, Julie Beeler wanted to express the importance of the vast connections and networks present in nature. You can even make beautiful color palettes from the colors on the website."


Beech mushrooms. Ted Cavanaugh for Popular Science

How to Use the Power of Mushrooms to Improve Your Life

Enter the worlds of mushroom dyeing, mycotecture, and more by Julia Craven.

Spalting fungi growing in the Applied Mycology Lab at Oregon State University.

Oregon State University

Behind the scenes visit to the Applied Mycology Lab.

Seasonal mushroom color palette for the month of May.

Online Mushroom Pigment Demonstration

I gave an online demonstration with mushroom pigments, paints and inks with Art Tool Kit.