Webby Award Nominee

Mushroom Color Atlas is a nominee in the science category of the 26th Annual Webby Awards.

Having the Mushroom Color Atlas nominated in the science category of the Webby Awards brought exposure to a vast and diverse audience which was a dream come true! I had always hoped the Atlas would inspire everyone to learn more about the mycological world and begin to understand the importance of the networks, connections and symbiotic relationships that live in our forests. 

Thanks to the brilliant design by Brad Johnson the stunning illustrations by Yuli Gates and the magical programming by Danny Rosenberg we were recognized by the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences for our innovative work.

Detailed crop of Mushroom Color Atlas Poster.

Mushroom Color Atlas Poster

Purchase this beautiful poster showcasing colors created from mushrooms.

Detail of Mushroom Color Atlas Dye Marks.

Mushroom Color Atlas Dye Mark

Collect these two different 'Dye Marks' featuring pigments or dyes from mushrooms.

Seasonal mushroom color palettes, January - September, 2022.

2022 Seasonal Monthly Mushroom Color Palettes

View the colorful beauty of each seasonal monthly mushroom color palette that was released on Instagram throughout 2022.