The Mushroom Color Atlas: A Guide to Dyes and Pigments Made from Fungi

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Cover of The Mushroom Color Atlas.

Cover of The Mushroom Color Atlas.

Forthcoming from award-winning publisher Chronicle Books on September 3, 2024, The Mushroom Color Atlas is a comprehensive primer on the universe of colors lurking inside fungi. Illustrated by Yuli Gates.

Equal parts art book, field guide, and color distillation workshop, The Mushroom Color Atlas is a timeless reference that will be used in the studios of artists and designers for years to come. Consider it your invitation to share in the kaleidoscopic wonder of the fungi kingdom!

People are learning all about the pivotal role fungi play in ecosystems and conservation efforts, plus spending time foraging has become a popular activity. The Mushroom Color Atlas features beautiful botanical illustrations and clear instructions on how to find and positively identify more than two dozen color-filled mushroom species in the wild.

Join artist, mycophile, and educator Julie Beeler in the forest and in her studio as she shows you how to create vivid dyes and pigments from mushrooms. This attractive guide covers the entire process, from foraging and species identification, to preparing the fungi and fiber, to producing lustrous dyes, paints, and pigments.

In an era when we are increasingly reliant on technology and corporate consumer goods, creating colorants from mushrooms feels like a radical act. Learning to extract these rich colors—which requires making countless decisions with our eyes, hands, and esthetic intuitions—gives us an intimate connection to each hue and its mushroom source. The time-honored, hands-on practice of working with the fruits of the natural world presents an opportunity to reorient ourselves toward renewable sources and sustainable practices.

Imagine imbuing your world with radiant colors from mushrooms, being in harmony with your region’s ecology and helping transform the dye, textile and fashion industry. The Mushroom Color Atlas celebrates the infinite array of colors found in the fungi kingdom and is sure to inspire everyone from artists to designers and scientists to makers to create their own personal palette of fungi-sourced hues.

Photo by Micah Fischer courtesy of WildCraft Studio School.

Mycology & Color: A Chromatic Universe of Mushroom Dyes, Pigments, Paints & Inks

Workshop with Wildcraft Studio in Portland, OR.

Photo by Kelly Turso.

Mushroom Forage, Dyes, Pigments, Paints & Inks

Workshop with Botanical Colors in Seattle, WA.

Detailed crop of Mushroom Color Atlas Poster.

Mushroom Color Atlas Poster

Purchase this beautiful poster showcasing colors created from mushrooms.