2022 Seasonal Monthly Mushroom Color Palettes

View the colorful beauty of each seasonal monthly mushroom color palette that was released on Instagram throughout 2022.

Seasonal mushroom color palettes, January - September, 2022.

Seasonal mushroom color palettes, January - September, 2022.

Each month I debuted an inspiring seasonal color palette and highlighted the mushrooms, colors, fibers, pigments and recipes that created each color on Instagram @mushroomcoloratlas 

January 2022Seasonal Palette January RevealedFebruary 2022Seasonal Palette February RevealedMarch 2022Seasonal Palette March RevealedApril 2022Seasonal Palette April RevealedMay 2022Seasonal Palette May RevealedJune 2022Seasonal Palette June RevealedJuly 2022Seasonal Palette July RevealedAugust 2022Seasonal Palette August RevealedSeptember 2022Seasonal Palette September RevealedOctober 2022Seasonal Palette October RevealedNovember 2022Seasonal Palette November RevealDecember 2022Seasonal Palette December

Beech mushrooms. Ted Cavanaugh for Popular Science

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Detailed crop of Mushroom Color Atlas Poster.

Mushroom Color Atlas Poster

Purchase this beautiful poster showcasing colors created from mushrooms.

Detail of Mushroom Color Atlas Dye Marks.

Mushroom Color Atlas Dye Mark

Collect these two different 'Dye Marks' featuring pigments or dyes from mushrooms.