International Fungi & Fiber Symposium

The 19th International Fungi & Fiber Symposium in Port Townsend, WA October 2022.

Aureoboletus mirabilis overlayed above a mushroom dyes and pigments.

Aureoboletus mirabilis overlayed above a mushroom dyes and pigments.

I worked with the North American delegate, Alissa Allen and a team of others to help plan the 19th International Fungi & Fiber Symposium. I taught three workshops, everything from Mushroom Pigments, Paints & Inks to Mushroom Dyes for Cellulose Fibers to creating a one of kind Mushroom Dyed Infinity Cowl that I co-taught with my good friend Judilee Fitzhugh.

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Every two years, since the First International Mushroom Dye Exhibit in 1980, textile and fiber artists have gathered from all over the world to exhibit their mushroom dyed works of fiber art, exchange new ideas and teach workshops in dyes, paper-making and pigments made from fungi. These exhibits and symposia came to be known as the International Fungi and Fibre Symposia and are hosted by different groups of textile artists around the world, under the sponsorship of the International Fungi & Fiber Federation (IFFF). Read more at Mushrooms for Color.  

Seasonal mushroom color palette for the month of May.

Online Mushroom Pigment Demonstration

I gave an online demonstration with mushroom pigments, paints and inks with Art Tool Kit.

Dye mushrooms and mushroomd dyed fiber.

Teaching at Sterling College

Mycology & Color: A Chromatic Universe of Mushroom Dyes

Cortinarius mushrooms, specficially the subspecies dermocybes, are a great dyers.

Online Mushroom Dye & Pigment Workshop

Curious about fungi? Have a love of fiber? Combine your interests and learn how to use mushrooms to create beautiful, vibrant dyes perfect for any natural fiber.