Studio Session with Clizia Moradei

Multidisciplinary designer and PhD candidate in sustainable fashion.

Clizia Mordaei using mushroom paint on fiber.

Clizia Mordaei using mushroom paint on fiber.

Clizia Mordaei and I connected online one spring day in April and much to our surprise we learned our shared connections to the Pacific Northwest. Clizia is from Italy and during high school she studied abroad with an American family in Newport, OR! She was planning a summer visit and we arranged for her to come up to my studio for the day.

Julie & Clizia

Clizia is working on her thesis for her PhD at Iuav University of Venice in Italy which focuses on the role of fungi for fashion and the analysis of the role of fungi towards a sustainable transition, by considering them not only in their materiality, but also in the ontological and philosophical shift they may trigger with the bodies and design practices. 

Clizia Dye

Spending a day in the studio provided her the opportunity for some field research for a case study to include in her thesis. We were incredibly lucky because we had an early August flush of Boletus edulis (porcini) in the high alpine. On one of my hikes I was able to forage a bunch of blown out porcinis which are perfect for dyeing and perfect for a visiting Italian given their love of this delicious edible mushroom. We were able to work with the dyes and pigments from the porcini as well as get into my stash of mushroom paint, making a beautiful sampling for Clizia to take home with her back to Italy.

Clizia Paint

Photo by Micah Fischer courtesy of WildCraft Studio School.

Mycology & Color: A Chromatic Universe of Mushroom Dyes, Pigments, Paints & Inks

Workshop with Wildcraft Studio in Portland, OR.

Photo by Kelly Turso.

Mushroom Forage, Dyes, Pigments, Paints & Inks

Workshop with Botanical Colors in Seattle, WA.

Mushrooms for Dyes, Paper, Pigments & Myco-Stix.

Mushrooms for Dyes, Paper, Pigments & Myco-Stix

Book review for the International Mushroom Dye Institute.