Mushroom Color Atlas Dye Mark

Collect these two different 'Dye Marks' featuring pigments or dyes from mushrooms.

Detail of Mushroom Color Atlas Dye Marks.

Detail of Mushroom Color Atlas Dye Marks.

The Mushroom Color Atlas 'Dye Mark' brings together a traditional bookmark and paint swatch to represent the chromatic universe of color from the Fungi Kingdom. All the colors are derived from wild, foraged mushrooms. One card features the dyes and the other the pigments, collect both! The colors are organized according to ROYGBIV principles. The dye mark is 12” x 2” and printed on 100% matte recycled paper. $2.50


Dye Marks Full

Beech mushrooms. Ted Cavanaugh for Popular Science

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Detailed crop of Mushroom Color Atlas Poster.

Mushroom Color Atlas Poster

Purchase this beautiful poster showcasing colors created from mushrooms.

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